Welcome to the Austrian Association for Floristic Research!
The Austrian Association for Floristic Research is a non-governmental organisation dealing with the flora of Austria. Our association supports the creation of a scientific compendium dealing with the flora of Austria as well as botanical education. Our main tasks are the organisation of botanical excursions, seminars, talks and publishing the journal Neilreichia.

Austria's vascular plants of the year
From 2023, the association will choose Austria's vascular plants of the year every year. Endangered species in particular are to be brought in front of the curtain in order to raise public awareness of the need to protect native flora. The species are described in a folder and the endangerment situation and causes are discussed.

Online Forum
If you are interested in identifying plants, than you are in the right place here! You can ask other botanists for advice about determinations. Those who are interested in sharing knowledge about determinations are invited to join the forum. Noteworthy floristic finding can also be presented and discussed.

We organize botanical excursions (mostly in Eastern Austria), scientific seminars and talks. You can find the events at our website, also those organized by other NGOs but lead by active members of our association.

Journal Neilreichia
This journal was established in 2001 by our association and publishes peer-reviewed scientific articles in German and English mainly dealing with taxonomy, chorology and floristics of vascular plants, bryophytes and charophytes of Austria and adjacent regions.

Field botany certificate
Are you interested in the knowledge of species? The newly established “Austrian field botany certificate” enables the objective assessment of floristic knowledge necessary for field work. The certificate exists for different levels of difficulty. The most sophisticated level is equal to a quality seal.

Excursion Flora for Austria, Liechtenstein, South Tyrol
The Excursion Flora is currently the only scientific determination key for all wild and commonly cultivated ferns and seed plants of Austria, Liechtenstein and South Tyrol. This volume was edited by three members of the Austrian Association for Floristic Research. The last edition is from 2008.

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